DP2 Cable Lay Barge for Sale


DP2 Cable Lay Barge for Sale

DP2 Cable Lay Barge for Sale

New Built

New built Daynamic Positining Class 2 Cable Lay vessel with multi capablities for laying cable.

Newly delivered with CSS class can be converted to any IACS class. State of art cable lay with dynamic positioning system class 2. The vessel is designed to high standards. Modern design to perform cable lay with 30M diameter Carousel 6m Inner diameter. Unrestricted Navigation Class can perform Cable Lay projects in deep and shallow water.

General Particular

Main Parameters:
LOA: 98m
Width: 33m
Molded Depth: 6.5m
Draft: 4.65m

Cable Carousel

Diameter: 30m
Inner Diameter: 6m
Height: 6m
Cable Capacity: 8000T
Full Load Displacement: 13926.4tons
Navigation Area: Unrestricted Navigating Service
Accommodation 103 Person (include 18 Single Room)
Class CCS
CSA Cable Layer; Non- propulsion; DP2; G-ECO(EWM(T))

DP2 Cable Lay Barge for Sale

No. Equipment Specification Unit Quantity
1 Rudder Propeller Device Z – Type, Zichai Power 6N260;Power:1875Kw set 4
2 DP2 Boris, Netherlands set 1
3 Electric Position Winch 50T set 8
4 Frame SWL 100T set 1
5 Frame lifting windlass 100T single hook water for 200 meters set 1
6 Deepwater Buried Plow ≤200 meters; Beijing Minghhua (Electric water spray) set 1
7 Main Keling Crane 50T, Beam 50m, Single hook 100meters under water set 1
8 Auxiliary Keling Crane 8T set 1
9 Main Generator Cummins K38; Power:600Kw set 6
10 Harbor Generator Cummins CCFJ150J-W; Power:150Kw set 2

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