Wind Turbine Installation Jackup Vessel for Sale – NEW BUILT


Wind Turbine Installation Jackup Vessel for Sale – NEW BUILT

Wind Turbine Installation Jackup Vessel for Sale – NEW BUILT

Type: self elevating, with the capacity of self propelled
Class: CCS
Notation: ★CSA Self‐elevating, Offshore Wind Turbine Service Unit,
Crane Unit; Lifting Appliance; PSPC(B); G-EP(GPR);
★CSM AUT-0, DP‐2;Electrical Propulsion System;
Flag: China

Main Dimension

Length Main Deck 125.14 m
Width 48.0 m
Depth 9.5 m
Hull Draft 6.6 m
Nr. Of Legs 4
Model of Legs Truss leg
Leg Length 131.08 m
Water depth 70m
Variable Load ~5500 tons
Service Temperature -10⁰C — +45⁰C

General Specification

AFT Azimuth Thrusters:
– Rate power 3 x 3000 kW
– FWT AzimuthThrusters:
– Rate power 2 x 2200 kW
– Speed 8knots

Dynamic Positioning DP2


Main Engines
Six(6) Mid speed engines
Gensets each rate at
~2500 kW
One(1) Cummins or equivalent
Genset rate at ~450 kW

Jacking System:

Drive Electric
Normal Jacking Capacity 250+10% Ton per
Preload jacking capacity 375+10% Ton per Opinion
Jacking Speed 0.8m/min
Leg Stroking Speed 1.0m/min

Tank Capacities

Fuel Storage Tank 1365m3
Fuel Day Tanks 67.8m3
Fresh Water Tanks 861 m3
Lube Oil Tank 12.5 m3
Waste Oil Tank 31.9 m3
Bilge Tank 96.3 m3
Buffer Tank 1736m3
Sewage Tank 132m3
Grey Tank 169m3


Total POB 130
– Fourteen (10) single man room
cabins 10个单人间
– Twenty(20) double men rooms cabins 20
– Twenty(20) ordinary 4 men rooms cabins 20


1600T LEC Heavy Lift Crane 1600mt
Main Hoist 1600t @ 39.5m;
1200t@50m; Lifting over deck
Whip Hoist 450t @ 70m
300T LEC Heavy Lift Crane 30mt
Main Hoist 300t @ 42m
Whip Hoist 15t @ 89.5m
10t Provision Crane
Lifting capacity 10t @ 4.0m ~20.0 m

Design Criteria:

Extreme Operational Conditions
Max. Elevated Weight 30000T
Maximum water depth 70 m
Air gap to SWL 12 [m]
Maximum wave height 15 [m]
Operating wind speed (1 min at 10m) 风速
36.0 [m/s]
Surface current 3 [knots]

Control Systems

Dynamic Positioning Control System (DPCS)
according to CCS DP-2
Navigation and communication systems,
according to IMO

Accommodation Facilities

Cabins equipped with en-suite shower/toilet,
telephone, TV and network connections.
Galley, mess room, stores, laundry, recreation
rooms, gym, Theater rooms, radio room,
change-rooms, sickbay, client
meeting rooms, offices and workshops.

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