Port of Registry/Flag Singapore
Class ABS
Notation +A1, Towing Vessel, (E), +AMS
Built 2013/ Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd, Hongkong


Length: 50.00m
Breadth: 12.60m
Depth: 5.75m
Deck Strength: 5T/M2
Draft: 4.50m
GRT / NRT: 1022 / 306
Deadweight: 876.92 tons @ 4.8m max. draft (approx.)


Fuel Tank 670m3 (approx.)
Fresh Water 234m3 (approx.)
Deck Cargo Area 220m2 (22m x 10m)


Speed 12 knots @ loaded draft of 4m
Total Bollard Pull 67.205 tonnes @ 100% MCR


Cabins 4×4 -berth cabin = 16men
3×2- berth cabin = 6 men
2×1 – berth cabins = 2 men
Total Complement 24 men


Main Engines Yanmar 6EY26; 2 x 2610
BHP @ 750 RPM; 4 stroke medium speed; Continuous HP @ 5220
Gearbox 1x Reduction Gear; Gear
ratio to match engine for appriate RPM

Generators 3 x 350kW output Caterpillar
C18 @ 415V 3Ph 50Hz
Emergency Generator 1 x 82kW output Caterpillar
C4.4 emergency/ harbour gen set; Starting Battery to be provided
Propellers 2x 4-bladed @ dia 2650mm ;Berg CPP in fixed nozzles
Bow Thruster 4.5 tons thrust controllable pitch; Electrical- driven
Fuel Oil Transfer Pump
2x Horizontal Gear pumps @ 10m3/hr @ 20 mwc;
415V/3Ph/50Hz; Cast iron body with alloy steel rotor and shaft
Bilge & Ballast Pump 1x Horizontal Self Priming centrifugal pump @ capacity of 70m3/hr @ 50mwc. 415V/3Ph/50Hz
FW Pressure Set 1 complete set @ 1 KW motor; 2800 RPM ; 415V/3/50HZ. 1x
Pressure tank @ 300 litres with maximum working pressure 30-40PSI
SW Pressure Set 1 complete set @ 1 KW motor; 2800 RPM ; 415V/3/50HZ. 1x
Pressure tank @ 300 litres with maximum working pressure 30-40PSI
Pressure Set Standby Pump
1 complete set @ 1 KW motor; 2800 RPM ; 415V/3/50HZ. 1x
Pressure tank @ 300 litres with maximum working pressure 30-40PSI
Sludge Transfer/Dirty Oil Pump
1x Electric driven gear pump or
horizontal positive displacement
type screw pump; 5m3/hr @ 45m head
Oily Bildge Separator 1x OWS with capacity 0.5m3/hr @ 4kg/cm2
SW Cooling Pump 1 unit
Air Compressors 2x 2 stage compressors with
each capacity 25m3/hr FAD x 30kg/cm2; 415V/3Ph/50Hz
Steering Gear 2x independent electro-hydraulic
steering gear; 8t.m torque
capacity @ 2x 45 deg rudder angle
Sewage Treatment Plant
1unit suitable for 24men capacity
Cargo Oil Pump 1x gear pump; 70m3/hr @ 50m
head; 415V/3Ph/50Hz
Lub Oil Purifier 1x Electrical centrifugal oil purifier,
capacity about 1200litres/hr
Fuel Oil Purifier 1x 1200ltrs/hr

Deck Equipments

Anchors 2x high holding power @
approxi 970kg. AC-14 totally recessed
Chain Cables 2 off 550m x 38mm dia. Grade
2, high strength steel (stud link)
Mooring Lines 4 x 140m long; minimum 10
tonnes breaking strength
Towing/ Anchor Handling
1 x electro-hydraulic waterfall type double drum
towing/anchor. Brake holding capacity @ 180 tonnes. Pull/Speed: 75t x
8m/min (1st speed)
Winch Brake holding capacity @ 180 tons
Towing Wires 2 x 1000m 52mm dia wire rope
Tugger Winch 2x electro-hydraulic, each @ 10tonnes @ 12m/min .
Each winch completed with
1x rope drum capacity for
150m length wire & 1
warping head @ 30m/min
Towing Pins, Shark Jaw 1 set x 200 tons SWL
Capstans 2 x 5 tons at 15m/min
Stern Roller 1 x 120 tons SWL , 3.5m x 1.5m dia
Anchor Windlass Electro-hydraulic, cable lifter @ 6 tons
Bow winch Bow winch pull of 10 tons; min brake holding 100 tons
Deck Crane 1 x electro-hydraulic
knuckle boom crane 2 tons @ 9m outreach
Towing Drum Capacity 1000m x 52mm of FSWR
Bollards 10x 10”NB, Sch 80 pipe double bollards. 1x 300NB,
sch 80 pipe cruciform bollard
Mooring Pipes 11x mooring pipes
Deck Reel 1x electro-hydraulic with drum capacity for 1000m
length of tow 52mm dia wire. Pull of 10 tonnes@ 20m/min local operation


Fireman’s Outfit 4 complete sets
Fire Blanket 2 units; provided in engine room and galley
Fire Axe 2units
External Firefighting 2x seawater fire pump 1500m3/hr @ 14kg/cm2.2x
Fire Monitors 1200m3/hr (foam/water) remote controlled
CO2 system 1 unit consisting gas bottles c/w quick operatedvalves and
auto alarms to be provided for engine room fire and Bow Thruster room fighting
G.S & Fire Pump 1unit
Emergency Fire Pump 1 unit; 25m3/hr @ 45mwc


Inflatable Liferafts 4 units
Lifebuoys 8 units ; 4x lifebuoys @ 90 feet
buoyancy line & 4x lifebuoys @
90 feet buoyancy line and selfigniting
electric lights & 2x smoke signals
Lifejackets 27 units
Pyrotechnics 12 units; 2x orange smoke signals each @ 120 seconds
discharge time and waterproof
Rescue Boat 1x 6men Rescue boat c/w
25HP outboard engine and
approved gravity type davit to be provided
Line Throwing Apparatus 1 unit
Boat Hooks 2unit @ 8mm handle
Work Boat 1x 6men semi-rigid or rigid
work boat @ 40HP outboard
motor to be provided


VHF-Radio Telephone 2units with 25W remote handsets
DSC Watch Keeping Receiver 1unit
Inmarsat ”C” 1 unit
Navtex Receiver 1 unit
EPIRB 1 unit
Watch Keeping Receiver Unit 1 unit
X-Band Radars 2 units
Speed Log System 1 unit
Gyro-Compass 1 unit
Gyro-Repeaters 3 units
Auto Pilot 1 unit
6 Inch reflector type Magnetic Compass 1 unit
GPS 1 unit
Echo Sounder 1 unit
Walkie Talkie 3 units
Intercom System 1 unit

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